Mule Springs

Mule Springs is a small town in the Arizona Territory. It is built on the eastern side of a medium-sized creek which is fed by a nearby spring.

Mule Springs was founded in 1855, just shortly after the discovery of a nearby copper mine.


Map of Mule Springs


The Law

Sheriff Ed Cole keeps the peace in Mule Springs, along with his two deputies. The marshal’s office contains two cells. The marshal and his deputies are known to be honest and competent men, but they hate being on the trail or in the wilderness. As a result, bounty hunters can almost always find work tracking down fugitives so that the marshal and his men can spend more time sitting in the shade drinking whiskey and smoking cigars.

“El Hermano” Copper Mine

Located 10 miles north of Mule Springs, this abandoned Spanish copper mine was discovered by American explorers in 1854. After its rediscovery, “El Hermano” put out a small but steady stream of copper, but nowadays the copper supply seems to be running out. The Barksdale Mining Company, owned by local businessman Frank Barksdale, currently employs only 23 miners.

The miners reside in a camp adjacent to the mine itself. on Saturday night, many of them go into town for whiskey, cards, and whores. Those that can still walk by Sunday morning often attend church, send and receive letters at the post office, visit the general store, or have breakfast before heading back to the mine.

Notable Businesses and Locations

The Golden Spur Saloon

The Golden Spur is a small two-story saloon that offers drinks, a piano, poker, faro, and whores. It is a dusty, dimly lit place that makes no pretense of finery, but the owner, George MacGregor, has very little tolerance for troublemakers.

The Walker Hotel

Lester Walker runs the only hotel in town. The rooms are small, plain, and somewhat dingy but the rates are reasonable and the breakfast is at least passable. The hotel has 16 guest rooms.

Johnson’s Sundries

Eli Johnson runs the general store. His inventory is somewhat limited, but his prices are usually fair. If he doesn’t have something in stock, there’s a good chance he can order it for you.

Mule Springs Livery

The livery stable is one of the oldest buildings in town. The owner, Hugh Goodman, claims to breed the best mules in the state.

Barksdale Mining Company Office


Wells Fargo


Lumber Yard



Benjamin “Doc” Roady is the town’s only doctor.




Leather Goods




Town Hall


Post Office

Mule Springs

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