Tag: Prostitute


  • Nora Weller

    Nora is a prostitute currently working at the Golden Spur Saloon in Mule Springs, AZ. She doesn't talk about her past, except to say that she is from Kansas. How she ended up in a saloon in Mule Springs is anybody's guess.

  • Jennie Fletcher

    Jennie was born in Maryland and came out west with her family when she was a girl. Her father was a violent drunkard, so she left home when she was seventeen. She ended up working in a brothel in Kansas City and has worked as a prostitute in one place or …

  • Rosa Gonzalez

    Nobody seems to know exactly what Rosa's story is. Some say she had a husband once that used to beat her until she killed him for it, others say that some cowboys killed her husband and raped her. Either way, she ended up in Mule Springs, AZ, where she …

  • Loretta Penning

    Loretta can and will talk about her past at great lengths. As she tells it, she was born in New Orleans to a rich family, married an even richer man who beat her, killed him, and then fled to San Francisco where she worked as a singer and dancing girl. …