Loretta Penning



Loretta is a young woman, perhaps twenty years old. She has dark brown hair and a nose that is just a little too big for her face.

She is quick to make a joke or return an insult, and her temper often gets the best of her. Her bawdy sense of humor and coarse language become even more prevalent when she drinks. She also has a somewhat passable singing voice, although it is not nearly as good as she thinks.


Loretta can and will talk about her past at great lengths. As she tells it, she was born in New Orleans to a rich family, married an even richer man who beat her, killed him, and then fled to San Francisco where she worked as a singer and dancing girl. She then became the mistress of a much older and – again – very wealthy politician and fell in love with his son, a handsome man her own age. She eloped with the son, but not before they stole as much money as they could carry from his father.

The details of the story change from time to time, as does the explanation for how she went from having a rich husband to being a prostitute in a small saloon in Arizona. Sometimes they were robbed by outlaws, sometimes he died of a fever, sometimes she left him because he chased other women. It all depends on how much Loretta has been drinking. It is also unclear how such a long span of events could possibly fit into such a short lifetime.

She currently works at the golden Spur Saloon in Mule Springs, AZ.

Loretta Penning

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