Jim Dawson

Hardened bounty hunter and war veteran recognizable by the early graying of his hair.


Age 29
Birthplace Little Rock, Arkansas
Money $69.93
Fate Points 6
Physical Stress 6
Composure Stress 6

Prefers to ride alone
Keen eye for tracking
Passes time with knife throwing
Doesn’t believe in luck
Starts his day with a shot of Kentucky bourbon

Knee Breaker +1 Intimidation when using physical force
Run ’Em Down +1 Survival(?) when tracking humans on foot (as opposed to animals)
Card Counter +1 Gambling in card games
Band of Brothers +1 Contacting ex-Confederate soldiers

Survival Great
Guns Good
Gambling Good
Investigation Fair
Intimidation Fair
Endurance Fair
Contacting Average
Pilot Average
Weapons Average
Resolve Average

gun cleaning kit
oil for lamps, 1 gal
oil lamp
boots, cowboy
cigar, cheroot (6)
hat, cowboy
matches, safety (240)
overcoat, cloth
razor, straight
shirt (2)
socks (7 pair)
spurs, plain
trousers (2)
rations, 7 day
bourbon, bottle (1)
saddle and bridle, plain
saddlebags and saddle blanket
Winchester WD, .44-.40
colt army, .44
s&w, model 2, .32
knuckle duster, .32
Arkansas toothpick
ammunition, .44 (100)
ammunition, .32 (100)


Personal History

Little Rock

Born March 12th, 1844 in Little Rock, Arkansas, James Herman Dawson was the son of a trapper originating from New York.

The War

Jim was 17 years old when Arkansas became a part of the Confederate States. He volunteered to fight for the Confederacy as soon as he heard the news. He fought in the disastrous battle of Pea Ridge and ended his service when Little Rock was occupied by Union forces. He spent a few months as a P.O.W. in Gratiot Street Prison in St. Louis during 1863. He was then transferred to Camp Douglas up in Chicago until the end of the war.

Post-War Arkansas

Dawson was released shortly after the war was officially concluded. He took the train south and made his way back to Little Rock. There, he tried to earn his living doing various odd jobs. The toll of the war left it’s mark on the town and it’s economy was in dire straits so Dawson left to find a living elsewhere. He survived by hunting and fishing for a time in the forests of Arkansas, occasionally making do in small towns with menial tasks of short-term benefit. His wanderings led him down to Dekalb.

Texas and the KKK

Dekalb, Texas. Jim Dawson found himself there in in 1868 when he was 24 years of age. He loved the forested countryside, finding it easy to make do for himself and sell his surpluses in Bowie County. Spending a great deal of time in Dekalb and Boston, he found himself a few jobs that turned into tracking down men for cash. These were generally Confederate die-hards or trouble-making KKK thugs. A good deal of this was hunting down KKK members that were executing vigilante justice against ex-slaves and Union soldiers. Jim made plenty of enemies during this period of his life in north-east Texas, living here until 1870.


Jim left his old life in Dekalb as quick as he could, making his way to Fredricksburg, Texas. He spent a little bit of time there working ranches owned by German ex-patriots as security and bounty hunting for the local law enforcement. He tired of the local politics and mind-numbing security jobs, striking out towards New Mexico and Arizona. During these years he didn’t stay in one place very long, hunting down outlaws and thieves for money, eventually winding up in Mule Springs, Arizona.

Jim Dawson

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