Jennie Fletcher



Jennie is a voluptuous, red haired woman in her mid thirties with beautiful eyes and a kind smile. She is beginning to show her age, but this does not stop her from making a living.

She is friendly and easy going, except in regards to money. Never having very much in life has made her frugal and suspicious of cheats. Jennie is especially protective of the other prostitutes she works with, calling them “my girls” even though they do not work for her.


Jennie was born in Maryland and came out west with her family when she was a girl. Her father was a violent drunkard, so she left home when she was seventeen. She ended up working in a brothel in Kansas City and has worked as a prostitute in one place or another ever since then. She currently works at the golden Spur Saloon in Mule Springs, AZ.

Jennie Fletcher

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